Cat Empire meowing their way to the US

Felix Riebl is excited about his band’s upcoming tour of the US…

Whenever we talk to Rock Stars during Breakfast on Red, one of our go-to questions is always ’what crazy stuff do you order in your rider?’. We probably just watched too much ‘Wayne’s World’ as kids,  so now we’re hoping for outrageous answers like Ozzy Osbourne and his ‘brown M&Ms’ story – but the reality is that musos are usually pretty happy with a carton and some sandwiches before the gig. When we spoke with The Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl recently, we learned he’s very much in the normal category.

“I wish I could say that we have a particular Cat Empire diva request. I mean after 15 years of touring we probably should by now, but we are actually pretty workman like about that sort of stuff”, laughed Felix.  “We have a fairly basic rider, booze and chips and all that sort of thing. There’s no blue M&M’s or smoked duck from Japan or whatever people put on it.”

One of the main things that struck us about Felix was his down to earth nature. Whether we were talking about his rider or the success that his band has experienced over two decades, Riebl seems to be focused on the work. He explained to us that it was actually quite a long process to get the music together for The Cat Empire’s eighth studio album ‘Stolen Diamonds’.

“We’ve been working on it the best part of half a year, maybe more. I mean it’s hard to say with albums because I was kind of writing a lot of these songs as I was on the Tour Bus probably a couple of years ago. It took us about 3 or 4 months in the studio and it’s been a great album to make.”

Although ‘Stolen Diamonds’ was only released mid-February of this year, singles such as ‘Ready Now’, ‘La Sirene’ and ‘KILA’ have been slowly dropped throughout 2018.

“We wanted to sort of spread out the release a bit, because the band does so much international touring it was great to be able to release songs and go to certain places to perform them live”, Riebl explained. “So yeah, we have sort of really milked this album in terms of getting as much time in the sun before the release date, but now it’s finally here and people can hear the whole thing and we’ll back it up with some big tours.”

“We’re about to head to North America, so Canada and the States and it should be great. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been there and the crowds over there are fantastic. The new album, we recorded it in a way that we wanted to write songs that would hit the ground running.”

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