Alana and Robbie become Blockbuster’s last ever Australian Members

The key was arriving at 8.28PM, just 2 mins before closing…

It’s funny how things creep up on you. Both of us here on Breakfast on Red have been avid streamers for a couple of years now. Between us we have Netflix, Stan, Heyu, YouTube, Kayo and probably others that we pay for and inevitably forget about. Once upon a time the DVD store was king, but it’s fair to say in the last few years we hadn’t even given a thought to Blockbuster Video.

So, when the news hit that the final Blockbuster in Australia was closing down (here in WA no less), it created a pretty good conversation which quickly turned to feelings of nostalgia. Although there may be a few little players still trading for now, the industry of DVD hire is all but extinct and it is actually a pretty sad moment.

Most people I’ve talked to have childhood memories of going to their local video/DVD store as a kid during the weekend or school holidays and really killing some time choosing the upcoming entertainment. ‘New Releases’ were like gold and who didn’t love the good old fashioned five ‘Weeklys’ for ten dollars. We could spend hours trying to choose what to rent, usually reverting back to the old favourites we would choose almost every time. For me it was ‘Beverly Hills Cop 2’, the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise or ‘Home Alone’ (whether it was Christmas or not)!

It wasn’t just childhood memories either. I remember living in Broome and Port Hedland between about 2010 and 2014. Digital TV was only just becoming a thing, downloading movies was illegal and the internet was pretty average. For a period there before I got settled into town, the DVD shop was my best friend in regional WA. It’s kind of sad, but it’s true, the DVD shop was my friend.

When we put the call out on our radio show, we spoke to listeners across Regional WA who had similar feelings of nostalgia.  We figured we wanted to somehow pay our respects to the finale of an Aussie Institution and came up with a plan. Breakfast on Red wanted to become the final Australian’s to sign up as members to Blockbuster Video in Australia. Our 8.28pm arrival and subsequent signing up on the strike of the 8.30pm final closing time ment we achieved our aim in the nick of time. Confirmation was provided on air by store manager Lauren, “Indeed, we can confirm that you were the last. You get the bragging rights!”

We did it for you WA!

Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing can be heard 6AM-10AM weekdays for Breakfast on Red across the Red FM Network.  


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