Meet the Perth Mum who gave birth in the back of an Uber!

This happened and it blew our minds!!

Every now and then on the Breakfast Show we come across a story that blows our minds. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something pops up that takes things to a new level.

This happened on Monday morning when Alana received a text message from her friend Kara. Apparently one of Kara’s friend’s from Fremantle had given birth in the back of an Uber on the way to the hospital last weekend. Our initial reaction was shock, then the questions started flowing and then the light bulb moment – ‘this is amazing content, let’s get her on the show!’

Emma Williams, the new mother in question, was kind enough to have a quick chat with us on the show and tell us her story, it’s quite amazing!  

“The whole labor went for about an hour,” Emma told us. “I was basically at home in the pool with my son and my father in law and I had a few cramps. I thought I better jump out of the pool and start timing because my son had been born quite quickly, he was about seven hours, so I knew to probably expect something similar”.

“So I just thought what’s the quickest way to get to the hospital and ordered an Uber because that’s just what my brain told me to do at that point.”

“I didn’t tell the driver I was in labor, I just hopped in and tried to breeze through the pain, as the journey was only 20 minutes. But when I got five minutes away I could feel the urge to push, so I did and could feel my water break.”

“And I just thought ‘oh god I’m going to have to tell this driver I’ve just ruined his car,” Williams laughed. “He kept on driving and about three pushes later she was basically out.”

“I was wearing shorts as well which wasn’t exactly ideal. I just had to whip those down, fetch her out (the baby) and pop her on me. Meanwhile I’ve got the phone in my other hand calling my husband and telling him where to meet me in the hospital. Then we got around to emergency and we had the entire emergency department coming to meet us which was quite comical to see.”

What struck us most about Williams was her calm demeanor when recounting the experience. We couldn’t help but wonder if the Uber driver shared her level headedness in during the trip.

“He was a bit speechless to be honest, I don’t think he really knew what was going on,” Williams laughed. “I thought oh my god I’ve just destroyed my Uber rating.”

“It was pretty bad, I did ring the driver and say ‘mate I’m really sorry I’ll have to pay you back for that’. He’s added it on and it ended up being about one hundred and fifty bucks”

When all is said and done there’s no doubt that this will make an epic 21st birthday story for baby Lexie. It’s certainly up there with one of the most unique stories we’ve ever covered on Red FM.

Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing present Breakfast on Red FM. Find them at


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