The Preatures are returning to WA for Perth Fest

Picture via scenestr

The Preatures are hitting up Perth with a vengeance this February!

Sydney band ‘The Preatures’ are known for their gritty, raw, rock and roll show.

From playing huge festivals such as Coachella to supporting Harry Styles, the band has played to some mega sized crowds in the last few years. But as we spoke to front-woman Isabella ‘Izzi’ Manfredi in the lead up to February’s Perth Festival, we found out it’s the small crowds that really get the band on song.

“I actually really like when we play to clubs, you know,” Manfredi told us on the phone from her Sydney apartment. ” I like three hundred or four hundred people. To me it’s the best amount because you have this energy that you don’t get playing stadiums or in the big festivals. It’s beautiful for that reason, because it reminded me why we’re in a band and why we do what we do”.

The band were able to really put their live credentials to the test in an intimate setting on their Regional Tour in 2018 when they hit up various venues across WA.

“You’re right in their faces. I remember a couple of shows where they put up these big serious barriers in front of the stage and I was just like ‘do we need this barrier’ and I was just like ‘na get that off’.”

So with dates including Broome, Geraldton, Bunbury, Dunsborough and Albany we were interested to know which place stood out to Manfredi the most.

“One of my favourite places was Broome. We’d been to Darwin a handful of times and Cairns but never that top region of WA. It’s like completely different country. I like been up close to people and I think that (Divers Tavern) was my favourite part of the whole tour.

So with with this affection for WA, it’s great news that the band are back on our side of the country in February this year to play Perth’s Chevron Gardens as part of Perth Festival. It might not be a four hundred person club but it’s clear the band has a love affair with WA regardless.

“We’ve got a lot of friends in Perth and I think for me it’s the part of Australia that I actually feel the most at home in, more than Sydney. I’m not sure why that is but I have a great affinity for it and a great connection to it”.

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Originally printed across The West Regional Newspapers group of newspapers.

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