Cricketer Michael Klinger is doing it for family.

WA cricketer Michael Klinger is a family man through and through.

Usually when we chat with sports stars on the Breakfast Show, it’s all about stats, points, scores and goals. So it was a big change for us to have a frank and open conversation with WA cricketer Michael Klinger, about one of the toughest conversations of his life after his wife Cindy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just over a year ago.

“Definitely the hardest thing was telling our kids. At the time they were seven, five and one. We just didn’t really know what to say or how to do it,” Klinger said. “So I think that period was quite tough and I teared up when I did it. It wasn’t easy but there wasn’t a right or wrong way.”

It’s a position that no-one envies, but the truth is that most people will face something similar in their lifetime. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and in Klinger’s case it happened to strike at the busiest time of a cricketer’s year.

“It was probably about a week before Christmas, a few days before the Big Bash started last year,” he explained. “She had a sore back for quite a while and eventually booked in for a scan thinking she would need a Cortizone injection to sort out her joint in her back”.

“Unfortunately the next day we got a call from the doctor saying that they found some spots on her spine. She had to go in for a whole lot of scans that morning and it showed up that she had cancer.”

Since then Klinger has been overwhelmed by the support of his family has received from both inside and out of cricket circles. As the ‘Pink Test’ in Sydney approaches he can’t speak highly enough about support service such as ‘The McGrath Foundation’.

“There’s breast care nurses all around Australia who help out patients out, especially in regional and rural areas where its harder for patients to get to hospitals and its all for free. It’s an unbelievable organisation.”

So as you’re reading this today or watching the Sydney Test Match on TV, please use it as a prompter to book an appointment for a check up at your doctors this year. It’s quick, easy and will give you piece of mind to launch into 2019 at full steam!

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Originally printed across The West Regional Newspapers group of newspapers.


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