Samantha Jade radiates the Christmas Spirit

WA girl Samantha Jade is one of the hardest working Aussies in pop. She’s just released a stocking filler for Mum to replace the Mariah Carey CD you’ve been putting upi with for 20 years!! Here at RED FM we love this time of year. We jump at the chance to do anything Christmas during ‘Breakfast on Red’, which explains why the studio is full of advent calendars, festive snacks and way too many decorations. So we were stoked this week to chat with WA songstress Samantha Jade, who is fast becoming the poster-girl for Christmas in Australia.  

This year she’s not only released a Christmas album and been booked to perform at Sydney’s ‘Carols in the Domain’ – she has also been appointed for the second year in a row as the Salvation Army’s WA ‘Christmas Ambassador’.

“I’m lucky enough to be involved for the second time in a row which is really amazing,” she told us last Wednesday. “Every year at Carols in the Domain we would shake the tin and that’s kind of all you would do. But you didn’t really know what they (the Salvation Army) did with the money.”

“I wanted to dig a bit deeper, so I went on a hope mission in Queensland last year to see what the Salvos are all about. This year when the opportunity came up again, I was like ‘please can we go to my home town Perth?’.”

“So we went around Perth on a hope mission and it’s just incredible what the Salvos do. We just have no idea what people are struggling with and what they need.”

It’s been a massive year for Jade. On top of her work with the Salvation Army, she’s managed to release two albums – ‘Best of My Love’ in April and ‘The Magic of Christmas’ which features the self-written Christmas tune ‘Home’.

“Home is something that I wrote a long time ago when I was living in the states and I was missing home so much. It’s not necessarily a carol, it’s just like a beautiful ballad. I wrote it about WA and my hometown of Perth.”

“One of the hardest parts was trying to decide what to put on the record. Obviously there’s so many great songs written by so many great people. I actually chose the songs that meant the most to me and made me feel the most nostalgic about Christmas time. I remember certain songs from my childhood and if I hear them played they spark a memory straight away. So I put all of those songs on the album.”

So if you’ve had enough of your Mum’s Mariah Carey CD and want to freshen up your carol game this Christmas Day, pick up a copy of Samantha Jade’s ‘The Magic of Christmas’ this year!

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