Rudimental go big with new album

”Toast to Our Differences’ is the hotly awaited new album from UK drum and bass outfit Rudimental. Piers Agget chatted with Alana and Robbie about Feb 2019’s release.

Rudimental are an interesting beast. You’re probably familiar with the name but couldn’t tell us one song title. They’ve worked with some of today’s biggest artists but there’s a good chance you couldn’t identify any of the band members in a line-up. One thing we can guarantee – is whether you realise it or not – you’ve heard their music. Having worked with the best in the business including Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Major Lazer and Anne-Marie – Rudimental are a music force to be reckoned with.

We were lucky enough to chat with incognito Vocalist/Songwriter Piers Agget direct from London, to get the low-down as to why it’s taken 4 years to release ‘Toast to Our Differences’ (due out January 2019), the much anticipated follow up to Rudimental’s 2015 album ‘We The Generation’.

“Well these things take time you know,” Agget said. “We stopped touring for a while and we were at home kind of rewinding it back to how we used to make music in London. We got back to just being in and around the music scene here.”

“We worked with a lot of unsigned talent and finding these singers took a while, a few years I guess. Now we’ve got all this exciting talent on the album and we’re really excited to release it.”

One of Rudimental’s great strengths is their ability to identify talent and launch them into the world of music. The best example of this is emerging superstar Anne-Marie. It was the lads from Rudimental who gave Anne-Marie a real start. She spent two years as their tour backing singer before going it alone, something Agget is extremely proud of.

“She’s done amazing. To see her progress like that and be doing really well is definitely a big bonus. She’s been touring with Ed Sheeran and releasing some big tunes. We obviously released our song together ‘Let Me Live’ together this year as well.”

Between writing the new album and recently wrapping up a full scale tour across their home turf of the United Kingdom, there’s no doubting Rudimental’s work ethic. And it there’s a hell of a lot more to come for the boys over the next few months, including a full scale tour down under.

“We haven’t played live in Australia for a few years now,” Agget revealed. “We recently DJ’ed out there at a snow festival but that’s about it. So we can’t wait to come out there and bring our live show”.

“We have a lot of musicians on stage – singers, trumpet players, drummers – it’s a real vibe and it’s going to be fun.”

Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing present Breakfast on Red FM. Find them at

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