There’s no stopping David Guetta as he hits the half century.

The French hit maker continues to deliver the goods as he turns 51! Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing spoke to him about collaborations, Ibiza and what’s next.

For a lot of travellers the Greek Islands is the ultimate holiday destination. The sun, the sand, the drinks and the music. It’s generally a once in a lifetime proposition for young revellers who want a taste of the all hours nightclubs and legendary hedonism. But for international DJ’s like David Guetta, it’s just another weekend in paradise.

“It’s very possible that one day I’ll stop touring because it’s so exhausting. But the one place I will always keep going back to is Ibiza”, said Guetta. “I love this island. I have the fans that have known me forever and I also have DJ friends that I have known for many, many years and don’t expect me to only play my hits.”

“It’s a place where I feel very free to play whatever music I want and whatever music I love. That’s the best feeling. People  just me trust me and they come on the journey where-ever I go.”

In addition to wowing the Ibiza party crowds for the last two decades, David Guetta has created a back music catalogue that speaks for itself. Since hitting the mainstream 12 years ago with ‘When Love Takes Over’ in collaboration with Kelly Rowland, Guetta has worked with every popstar you could imagine. Some of the biggest names include Jason Derulo, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sia and Justin Bieber.

“Sometimes I choose them, sometimes they choose me, sometimes it’s really just an accident.”

“In the case of Justin Bieber it was an accident,” Guetta revealed. “He’s probably the most difficult artist to get in the studio with. In my case we were thrown together with a common friend called Pooh Bear.”

“He (Pooh Bear) played it to him and without me knowing and Justin loved it. He recorded it in only 24 hours which never ever happens, it was crazy.”

With all these big names under the belt you would be forgiven to think that Guetta has ticked all the boxes and is satisfied with his achievements. But there’s always another project or plan on the horizon with this fifty-one years young French superstar.

“I’m a big Adele fan so I would love to do that one day,” Guetta said of big name artists that he’d still like to work with in the studio. “I think she just amazing”.

“To be honest it’s also cool to find undiscovered talent,” mused Guetta. “When I first worked with Sia she was not the superstar she is today. So if I could find a new Sia, that would actually be my ultimate dream. To find someone who can sing and write in such an incredible way, that’s even bigger than thinking about the superstars I’d like to work with.”

If David Guetta hits up Australia this festival season, who knows, any one of us could be his next Sia. It might be worth warming up the vocal chords and heading to open mic nights across regional WA this summer!

David Guetta’s seventh studio album ‘7’ is in stores now through Universal Music.

Alana and Robbie can be heard weekdays 6-10AM on the RED FM Network for ‘Breakfast on Red’.  

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