Wilma Valderrama still cant shake ‘Fez’

He’s an all-time favourite TV character, but there’s so much more to Valderrama than his ‘That 70’s Show’ persona.

We can’t lie to you, Fez is a hard character to shake!

As we prepared to interview Wilmer Valderrama, who played the iconic Foreign Exchange Student on American sitcom ‘That 70’s Show’, Valderrama’s famous character was the one picture in our heads. Even though we knew that Wilmer had been playing a much more serious role as Special Agent Torres on CBS detective drama ‘NCIS’ for the last two years, we just couldn’t shake that image.

“People do still ask me about Fez all the time,” he said. “I loved my time playing him but the reality is I couldn’t be any more different if I tried’.

Given Valderrama is a know ‘ladies man’ within Hollywood circles (his exes include Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff) and he’s had gritty roles in ‘The Minority Report’ and ‘NCIS’, it’s definitely not a case of life imitating art for the American actor. He counts his co-star Mark Hammond as someone with very similar characteristics.

“Mark’s character Agent Gibbs and my character Nicholas Torres are very much alike and to be honest Mark and I are very much alike too. We are definitely besties on the set,” Valderrama revealed. “We prank and we laugh together we have a lot of fun”.

You can hear in Valderrama’s voice that he loves his current gig. But it’s not all fun, games and pranking Mark Hammond on set.

“A big focus for me is building a character that I’m excited to come to work for. I never wanted to play something that’s just generic”.

“So we built this character. Special Agent Nick Torres is loud, dangerous, funny, disarming”.

“But he’s also threatening,” Valderrama said. “It’s a dark character with multi layers who dosen’t take himself too seriously.”

“I’ve been having a great time playing him”

Now in his third season with NCIS (the sixteenth season of the hit drama launched on September 25 this year), Valderrama dosen’t appear to be going anywhere soon. He’s recently inked a two year deal with CBS that will see him through until 2020.

“It’s very exciting. Two years ago I joined the show and I had no idea where it would lead.”

“I had done a two year agreement with them, just to see how we could build this character and if it could really truly contribute to the show,” he said. “It’s going great so far, I couldn’t be happier”.

NCIS airs Sunday nights at 8.30PM on Channel 10/WIN .

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