Lily Allen opens up about her latest album ‘No Shame’.

Lily Allen revealed all the gossip about her upcoming album ‘No Shame’ and her tell all memoir ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ on Breakfast on Red with Alana and Robbie.

There was a lot of nervous energy last week in the RED FM studio as we waited on the phone to be connected to UK artist Lily Allen in Sydney. She had been spending the last three days in Australia promoting her latest album ‘No Shame’, her upcoming book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ (21 September) and her visit to Perth in February 2019. Although excited that we were interviewing one of music’s biggest names, we were acutely aware that three days of interview questions is enough to wear even the most seasoned professional down.

As we were patched through to Lily by her music rep, it was clear that our fears were misplaced, she happily greeted us before getting down to the business of all things Lily Allen.

“It’s all work, work , work here at the moment I really havent had time to do anything else. I went out for Chinese last night but that’s about it really” she joked.

It definitely sounds like quiet nights are very much on the agenda these days for Allen, a stark contrast to the wild lifestyle that has been documented in years gone by. Now it’s all about balancing being on tour with family life.

It’s been three and a half years since I was here last. In that time I got divorced and I got the youngest kid packed off to school properly”

“Two weeks is sort of the maximum I’ll be away from my kids, I’m seperated from my ex-husband now and we do share custody, we do it week by week. So if I am away for a couple of weeks, then they only notice that I’m gone for one” she said.

So with family time on the agenda and her party days on the back burner, where does Lily Allen now draw the inspiration to write music?

I pretty much just write whatever comes into my head” she told us. “I sort of sit down in the studio, think about how I’m feeling that day and that’s generally what comes out. I never really have much of an intention. I just say what I feel”.

When asked about her book and if she was nervous about the candid stories that are rumoured to be in there (such as sleeping with female prostitutes in the midst of divorce proceedings), Allen was pretty nonchalant about what people think.

“It doesn’t really feel very sensational to me, I’m just pretty good at separating my feelings and getting them into whatever medium it is that I’m trying at that particular time.”

“I never intended to be this famous pop star, I just wrote songs and people connected to them, that’s the same sort of thing that I’ve done in my book”

Listen to the the full interview at the RED FM Facebook page. Alana McLean and Robbie Klitzing can be heard oduring ‘Breakfast on Red’, weekdays 6AM – 10AM.

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